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Full Version: Sputnik 60 Years Later
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[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]This article detailed the importance of the first man-made satellite, sputnik, which was made by the Soviet Union. When sputnik was launched 60 years ago, it began the space race. Not only did it prove the technological advances made by the soviet union, but it also pushed America to develop new technologies in order to defeat their russian counterparts. Through this, America developed things such as carbon monoxide detectors, originally used to detect toxic fumes on space stations, and satellite television which directly correlates to the development of satellite communication technologies during that time period. Therefore not only did it push the space race, but it pushed both parties to develop technologies in which became helpful in todays society. I believe the space race and sputnik were influential forces in which placed a graver importance upon science and technologies within the late fifties, which in turn, would serve to be a benchmark in the developing world that is our understanding of satellite technologies and everything that follows. I believe that without the threat of loosing to the other side, both the USA and the Soviets would have remained somewhat passive within developing certain technologies and maybe today, many of the advances within the fields studied within that era, may have never been made. Therefore, Sputnik did not only kickstart the space race, it also ignited humanities need to discover new technologies.  [/font][/font]

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