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Full Version: Paris Accord: US and Syria alone as Nicaragua signs
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The United States and Syria get left out of the Climate accord as the rest of the world moves forward to create a cleaner, more livable earth for our generation and the next to come. This deal, as previously described, is one that’s focus is on climate change. As other countries begin to value the ecosystem and mother nature, the USA and Syria have been blinded by past troubles. The USA with the (somewhat) newly elected Donald Trump, and Syria with its war against ISIS (that started in early 2013). The other 187 Countries that have signed the Paris Accord (previously) have made an agreement to sign this accord as it will help reinforce the need to better the environment for all humans and animals alike. Although it is very important to consider the environment as a key factor in helping any economy in the world (as all products do use a piece of natural resources available or shipped to them), I do understand the stands that both countries take in this. As the USA is more capitalist based, or democratic and capitalist (I should say)- they would consider anything that benefits them solely as a country and not considers the rest of the world as they want to “better America” (if I may quote Donald Trump). Syria does have its own legitimate struggle within itself (as it’s government and other countries are fighting off the reign of ISIS over that country). Would I say it is bad to not sign an accord that actually benefits your citizens and your future citizens (in the long run) …. Yes…. But I also think it isn’t fair to force a country to sign an accord that they do not agree with at that point in time. Yes, one less country that believes itself to be powerful would decrease the chance of this actually working- but like the life saying goes “it’s better two pairs of hands than one”. Overall- I am not surprised with what two countries decide to do as those two countries have struggles of their own, but I really do hope that this accord is put into practice for the long term as we derive our focus from non-renewable resources (thank the industrial revolution for messing up our environment) to renewable resources that benefit both us and the environment.
I agree with your perspective, counties should put their own personal issues aside when it comes to dealing with global issues such as the Paris Accord. We need to leave Earth as a habitable place for the many generations to come and we need accords such as these to provide the world guidelines for this sustainable future. Especially Donald Trump, who needs to get his head straight as he believes that pollution is a myth... I just hope that the next President of The United States has the right initiative towards these sorts of issues as they are the only issues that will matter for the many years to come.