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Full Version: How great is science, really?
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This article highlights the amazing effect science discoveries have on the world. How it is the reason we have all the possibilities compared to back in the day. I mean can you imagine what all those incredible scientist would think if they were alive to this day ? Well first would be that they are very old but importantly how their discoveries together with technology paved way to other inventions. Scientists were able to modify a little girl's genes to cure her cancer. Learning the structure of one's DNA made this possible. So how great is science, picture a world without WiFi, without your iPad, no lighting in your house probably just use a lantern. I have a whole new respect for science now.
We, as a human race, truly take advantage of the new technology that has been developed throughout the past 100 years. It is astonishing to think that many viewpoints and questions people had 100 years ago have been answered and proven through the use of our developed technology. Important figures, such as Newton, are thanked for their hard work and discoveries to help the people living within the past 100 years create something that otherwise would not have been created- if they never sat down and questioned the fundamentals of our world. We are able to better heal the sick and know how to handle a situation with medical tools more properly, unlike 100 years ago. I agree with you that I have a substantially greater respect for science after reading this article. It has opened my eyes as to how much we abuse our various forms of technology. If not for some brilliant thinkers, we would have never had phones and cures to some- before- deadly diseases. I can see the world as more complex after reading this article; there are so many elements that much up our planet and I am grateful to be living in this era where I can experience so many technological discoveries. We have shot things up into space and retrieved them back to discover more information about the universe we live in. Better understanding our surroundings is making our views on the world shift constantly- in a good way. I am thankful to be living on a planet with so many scientific discoveries within the past 100 years that have heavily benefited our way of doing things.
Compared to the 1900's, the amount of knowledge that each person had is nothing compared to the amount of knowledge that individuals have today. In the oncoming years, or the next generations, that knowledge is yet to expand due to the fact that there are still things out there to be discovered, and more things to be learned. I predict that there are still breakthroughs that are going to occur in the future, since that there are still questions that are unanswered, such as what lies at the bottom of the ocean? But, with the amount of knowledge increasing, the technology will expand and be better than ever before in the years to come, therefore contributing to future discoveries. An important factor that will affect the expansion of science and technology is also economic and political factors. We look into the future asking, will the government allow for expansion of technology and science, and if so how would we be able to fund the future projects. Otherwise, the expansion of these things and the increase in knowledge will greatly benefit us and future generations.