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Full Version: Wildlife colonises man-made rockpools
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This article shows one of the scientific creations that will hopefully be implicated in many bodies of water that have been interrupted by construction. These mini rock pools were made to protect sea life from man-made sea defences. Aberystwyth University researchers made the first advances in this topic as the drilled holes into breakwater made of smooth granite blocks. The holes began to be colonized by fish, anemones and reef building worms. With this discovery scientist hope that thousands of miles of manmade sea walls will begin to be implemented under construction. Although, it has been found out that in some cases these sea walls do not attract any sorts of colonization, this is believed to happen since the walls are very smooth. From the research presented it is asked if these walls should be implemented anyways since they are most likely our best attempt in forcing colonisation. As if we do not we know we are heavily disrupting many important species, and elimination of a small number of one species in an area can concern the entire habitat.