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Full Version: Rest in peace, Alan Bean
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Alan Bean, a astronaut and artist, has passed away peacefully in a hospital in Texas, from a unfortunate sickness. He was 86 and lived a good life full of adventure and hopefully he was happy throughout his whole life. Alan was the fourth man to be able to walk on the moon. He was a US Navy test pilot at first before being selected as Nasa as a trainee. That already seems like he was living the life. Alan didn't go into space just once, but twice. He later retired 20 years later and he didn't stop there. He became an artist, a great one at that; creating masterpieces that were inspired by his time in space. I admire Alan a lot for his interests and choices for his career paths. I'm heavily interested in both science and art. I appreciate both equally and the fact that an astronaut who has to follow the rules of science to a par in order to go on a successful mission is also able to appreciate the incomprehensible thing called art gains so much respect from me. He made a moment in history, and made beautiful artwork. It's sad to see him go, but hopefully he will be free to wonder the depth of space freely now. I would love to be able to see his artwork in person some day. A truly amazing man that has left us. Rest in peace, Alan Bean.

[Image: alanbeanstudio_300dpi_wide-5ab1a80c02316...00-c85.jpg]

Alan Bean with some of his artwork.