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Full Version: Seed Orchards Helping to Speed up Recovery
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Research is currently taking place to to find a way to speed up the recovery of ash trees. The main issue loaming over ash trees is that there is a deadly disease known as chalara, which is a fungus on the tree which causes leaf loss and crown dieback("percent of branch tips in the crown that are dead."). This disease is most of the time fatal but it has been found that tree like "Betty" are resistant to this dieback. The main idea is to plant an orchard(a piece of land planted with tree) with these resistant trees to further increasing the speed at which tree spices can recover. The big problem that is holding the mission back is the EU. They have a rule in place which prevents the movement of the seeds as it may spread the disease. Research had been done to show that this is not the case and negotiations are currently being taking place to change the rule and find a place to plant the resistant seeds.

This plans I find interesting and it seems like a good idea. Normally, plants would have to plant their own seeds and recover on their own, but by planting these resistant seeds the pace at which this can happen can go from centuries to decades. As long as the seeds actually don't spread the disease, I would go for the rule change. Trees being able to fight back on their own much stronger instead of being left to fend for themselves would really boost things like ecosystems and the environment. As the ones on Earth with knowledge, we should use it to not only preserve ourselves, but all others living things as well. I like the idea and wish those guys the best in their pursuit to a better planet.