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Full Version: Strong chance of a new El Niño forming by early 2019
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whats saying in that W.M.O are predicting and are 80% sure an El Niño event (El Niño - an irregularly occurring and complex series of climatic changes affecting the equatorial Pacific region and beyond every few years, characterized by the appearance of unusually warm, nutrient-poor water, for those who don't know) will likely happen between December and February 2019, while The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is predicting and are 90% that it will happen around January.

This is kinda cool for me because I didn't know that this was a name for this event, I thought it would go under as climate change.
well this El Niño is going to be weaker so be ready everyone 
thanks for reading
While I agree that El Nino is quite interesting, it can also be harmful to humans. The change in conditions may not be good, especially the nutrient-poor water, which will be a hindrance to farmers.