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Full Version: Life Below the Surface
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As it is a commonly known thing throughout regular people in society, there is so many unknown "things", organisms and processes that occur underwater. Recentlly, scientists have been able to quantify the subterranean biosphere in terms of carbon through samples pon samples of the rock and sediment that is from driling kilometers into the crust. They have found that the subbteranean biosphere represents 15-23 billion tonnes of carbon, muh more than the sum of all the carbon "woven into all the people on the planet". Most of this is microscopic oranisms (which add up to all that carbon), although this discovery opens up a vast field of discoveries waiting to be found. These tiny organisms move carbon about the Earth, surprisingly they have a greater effect than some may think. This comes with sceintists believing that it is very possible for organisms to be functioning in higher temperatures than the current maximum of 122 celcius, deep down further than they have reached. Lastly this shows implications of the possibilty of life on other planets' subsurface is quite high because of the way we have seen these organisms survive in the extreme environments the do. 

This also brings a deeper idea up. The idea that there is so much we have yet to discover about our worlds and some of whihc could lead us to discover things outside of our planet, but will we be able to with the way we are currently treating it? We are making such a mess of the Earth above the surface, that we may never be able to learn as much as we could about what is happening beneath us, and to me I think this idea is devastating and people need to take action against toxic behaviours that are killing our planet so we can discover everything a healthy planet has to offer.
I agree with you that we should be investigating what is right under our feet as we might find very useful materials or organisms that have been underneath us for many years. People should be putting our minds on earth as we have barely even discovered what else earth has to offer. We know everything about what is above the earth's surface but what about below? Not a lot of people can tell us what is beneath us as we haven't put in any effort to even try to investigate what is beneath us. The fact that an microscopic organism ,that is underground, has more carbon then the sum of all carbon that is in a person is astonishing but just imagine if we investigated further underground and what we may find more then just this organism.