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Full Version: Incredible "Sea Monster" Skull Revealed in 3D
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This article explains how a prehistoric reptile's very well fossilized skull and some other bones were found in present day Warwickshire about 60 years ago. The fossil is dated back about 200 million years. The fossil's significance was only fully realized recently. Scientists were able to digitally reconstruct the Ichthyosaur skull using CT scans, and using its other bones, they were able to give a "rough draft" of what the dolphin-like reptile may have looked like. The CT scans allow scientists to "edit" the bones and move them to where they would be located as if the reptile was alive. Ichthyosaur's would of ate fish, squid, and most likely others of its kind. At first, scientists thought this fossil was a common Ichthyosaur, but after scanning it, it was found to be the rare Protoichthyosaurus Prostaxalis. 

I believe this discovery is a great example of how our advancing technology helps us learn more about earth's history and the creatures in the past. This is a perfect example because this fossil was discovered 60 years ago, and at that time, scientists did not have equipment to properly interpret the skull. Now with CT scans available, these scientists were able to reconstruct the fossil. I think it is important to give attention to earth's history because it helps us find out how long life has been here on earth, and fossils teach us about ancient ecosystems.
I agree with you in saying that this is a perfect example to show how advancing technology can help us not only discover new things but redefine or adjust our initial thoughts on things, such as fossils found years ago. I think this article also brings the question of what else have old technologies failed to reveal to us? Could our modern technology alter what we thought we already knew and could that potentially answer problems and allow us to learn about things that are still a mystery to us?
I think this is a prime example of why Science is forever growing, something that was believed for years can very easily be disproved with the right technology, and with scientists so eager to learn about our earth, its amazing to see just how far they are willing to go with technology to continue to learn! For me though, this brings into question how far technology has advanced in terms of deep-sea advancements, I think it would be amazing if we could start advancing our knowledge of our waters.