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Full Version: Saturn's spectacular rings are "very young"
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This article kind of amazes me, for as long as we've recorded information about our galaxy, saturn has had rings around it, making it one of (if not the most) iconic planets in our solar system, and because of that hearing that they are just over a 100 million years old doesn't surprise me, but what does surprise me is that this is considered young? 

a 100 million years is a ludicrous amount of time, that's taking things back to when the dinosaurs walked the earth, so to think that the rings of saturn still have at least ANOTHER 100 million years to go is kind of crazy. It also interests me to hear that right now, these rings aren't even impressive compared to what they would be back then, definitely something that I want to learn more about.
I would have never thought that these rings would be considered old has just like you said they 100 million years is a huge number for something to be called young. If these rings are young now most likely they where much smaller back then to as right now in present day. What I think that is interesting is what will happen to the rings after we leave this earth or if they are there for another 100 million years. I think they might get bigger our there just might be a limit to how much can be in saturns rings.