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Full Version: DEVASTATION - Paris' most Notorious Landmark in Ruins
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This article brings light to a topic that has likely been shown to many of you. The Notre-Dame, a famous, historical landmark in Paris, France has been ravaged in fire and in flames. This 850 year old cathedral's damage has been called a "terrible tragedy" by President Emmanuel Macron, the cause of which is not clear. Many people near the Notre-Dame and even those that are thousands of kilometers who witness the event on the news have weeped for the loss of this archaic structure. Macron himself cancelled a speech in regards to protests in France and has vowed to restore the cathedral with fundraising efforts. I am shook myself by this event since five years ago I visited Paris and experienced the astounding and wondrous artworks, although not the originals, the massive insides of the giant building and the sheer number of people coming to pay a visit, take pictures or pray. What I know for certain is that since the 1200s, when the Notre-Dame was built, this monument has experienced thumps and tumbles throughout history and every single time it was rebuilt to its former glory and this event on April 15th, 2019 is but another one of those bumps that will scratch but not shake the foundation that the Notre-Dame stands on.
This is such an important part of history and it is truly heartbreaking to see it go down. One of the things that I am wondering about is all the money that is being donated to Notre-Dame. It has been said that it is approaching 900 euros which have been raised in relief efforts. While this is great and it is wonderful to see how a community is being formed and they're coming together for the greater good, there are so many other causes that money could have gone to. While I'm not saying this isn't a great cause, there are so many other causes that could have been greatly impacted by all this money being donated. Francois-Henri Pinault, the head of many luxury companies pled 100 million euros while the fire was still blazing. There are pictures of starving children or poverty-stricken countries in dire need of money that don't get half this amount of money. Again, I'm not saying money being pledged for rebuilding this historical building is a bad thing, but I think there are other causes that need this type of money too.
As a practicing Catholic it is truly heartbreaking to see the destruction of such a significant piece of our history. What I find to be insensitive is the amount of people criticizing the amount of money being donated for the repair, as people say this money could have gone to more important causes such as cleaning the oceans. Although that is true and I would love to see billionaires care more for the state of our environment, I also believe that it is important to respect the values of others and allow them to mourn when something this important has been taken away.