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Full Version: Climate Friendly Cows
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Methane gas is a greenhouse gas, meaning it causes heat to be trapped in the earth's atmosphere. This effect is known as the greenhouse effect and in an effort to battle and reduce emissions, scientist have created a climate-friendly cow. Genetics, diet and age have played a huge role so they are using selective breeding to control emissions along with other factors. It is about half the emission from this cow compared to normal cows. 

Although I believe that this is a long term project and something that farmers would need to be encouraged to pursue, I believe every step taken towards controlling emissions of greenhouse gasses is very important.
Within the last decade, it has been made clear that agricultural emission have been such a major factor contributing to global warming. It's is always intriguing to read upon or learn about new methods of reducing these emissions, while still being able to meet the demands of our growing society. Even though having a cow that produces half of the total greenhouse gas emissions may not seem like that big of an improvement, it still is a step in the right direction to limit the damage to the Earth. However, would the overall cost of raising the cows act as a major downside to this becoming normalized?