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Full Version: Is it the time we cut back Plastic Toys
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The UK toy industry is a very big industry, that consumers actually spent 370m last year on buying toys. This led to environmentalists to report that plastic toys are having a huge impact on the environment, considering the amount of plastic that’s ending up in landfill and oceans. One of the factors that separate plastic toys from other materials is that they are destined for landfill, which brings pollution to the environment. As it became clear that a lot of parents just like to throw toys away after buying them just because they are either imperfect or just old. It’s not just the environmental effect that concerns me, it’s also health effect that of the materials that are used to make toys, considering that most children like to put toys in their mouths and this puts them at risk of getting their health affected. This makes me even think that later on after some years, we will have more toys on oceans than fishes. Children who have lots of toys are more easily distracted and do not get the chance to enjoy playing with other children by doing different activities. Even though environmentalists don’t know the number of toys that are in landfills, at the same time we know that there is a massive amount. Stuff that is added to the plastic can be harmful to the environment and to the health of the fishes when these substances leak out of the plastic they end up either in the environment or in oceans. However, there are ways for us to limit the landfills, such as by sharing toys with friends, borrowing toys, or by going to toy libraries, passing on toys to family members and relatives. Kids are empathic, if someone teaches them about the bad effects that plastic toys can have on the environment, such as pollution, they can find joy in other activities such as making art. As well as adventuring outdoors, which can help them develop a deeper understanding of the environment. Reporters say that most of the time toys last between 15-20 years before they are being wasted, or recycled. Even though some toys can be recycled, it might not be the solution to prevent pollution. It is being known that recycled plastics can hardly be reused in industries, because of the uncertainty of the chemicals that the recycled plastics are made out of. This brings a unique challenge for industries, because like I said, they are composed of other materials, such as metals. As a consequence, the recyclable parts can’t be separated out or become hard to be, which makes some recycling center to restrict plastic toys. One thing to do is to stop plastic altogether and buy other sustainable materials could be a solution. Buying second-hand ones could also be a good idea as it can protect the environment by wasting less and helping parents by saving more money.
I agree with this. We need to start making toys that are biodegradable, that way they will have less of an everlasting effect on the environment. Another thing that us as a community could do is make a place where we could reuse plastic toys. This way we would decrease the manufacturing of these harmful plastics while still giving kids a chance to play with the toys they want. This could also give kids a chance to play with toys they may not have been originally able to play with. If the toys are second hand they will be cheaper for those kids who maybe could not afford retail price.
I agree that buying second hand toys would be a great idea not only to save money but also to encourage the idea that doing so will help the planet. Seeing the endless array of harmful effects of plastic really stacks up against its usefulness. An alternative way of creating toys and really any plastic product can help a wide variety of issues plastics present. In addition the problem that the manufacturing of these toys is relatively cheap and would pose an issue if regulations were in place to make toys biodegradable. But I do believe that steps need to be taken by us as well as manufacturers to reduce the enormous environmental effects plastic toys have.