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Full Version: island reveals rising tide of plastic waste
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This displays the problems we are enforcing towards our ecosystems of the ocean and displays how we treat our earth and care for it. It was estimated that 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans of the earth each year! I think we are treating our earth in a horrible way and does have negative effects. The plastic could also end up hurting and killing animals as well. Plastic is not meant to be in our oceans. Our non environmentally safe packaging involving plastic is going to hurt us in the future and our earth and ecosystems. The amount of plastic on the island has more than double since 2009, which would make sense as our populations continue to grow bigger and bigger, leading to more waste product. Eventually our human race will grow so much that there will be no more space for our plastic waste, as ocean ecosystems will be destroyed and will be plastic wastelands. This would not be a surprise to me. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a type of bottle that was found most commonly on the island, the amount of these bottles found has increased 14.7% each year since the 1980s. I think we are growing too fast and not taking our earth and future into consideration when we act and make choices. Does anyone else agree?
I agree with you, the amount of waste people produce is growing; as our population is growing. And the fact is that yes we can’t do without some of these plastic packages, because some of these things are what we need. But people misuse these things, like it only takes roughly about 10 - 25 seconds just to find a recycle bin and put it in . The way we treat our environment isn’t fair to the other non- human population. These waste doesn’t bio grate till another century or they might just even remain the same without  decommissioning. This  ends  up causing a pollution to the aquatic species and hurting them.
Collectively, our population is capable of stopping the problem of climate change and waste. If everyone played their part and reusable materials were used, the tonnes of plastic in our ocean would never be a problem. Unfortunately, we only want convince and big corporations don't care about their impact on the environment and future generations will have to deal with the consequences.