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Full Version: European Probe Ready For Its Mission To The Sun
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The European spacecraft that aims to take the closest ever pictures of the Sun is built and ready for launch.
The European probe called "SoIO" is a space craft that is designed to collect data from the sun closer than we have ever been able to before. This probe is going to be put in orbit around the planet mercury and will fly 43 million km away from the sun. This means that it is going to have to deal with temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. This project began in the late 1990s and finally got a contract in 2012. The probe is said to launch around September 2020. I think that this mission is really important and should give us a lot of important data regarding our sun. From earth's point of view, the sun is so far away that it is really hard to get a good image of what is really going on. This data can help provide us information about future solar flares and as we discussed in class, a geomagnetic reversal might be immanent in the near future which can put us at a higher risk of being affected by these flares. This isn't a problem we should be stressing about but its nice to know that in the event in the future when the earths magnetic poles flip and we are increasingly vulnerable to solar flares, the data collected from this probe could help provide us important information that we previously did not know as well as really cool pictures of the sun.
this is cool, but do you think that we could experiment lauch highly stable metal or metalloids with insane heat resistance to see if we could get them to reach the sun
With this, more of the Sun's activity can also be monitored and I find this very fascinating. Astronauts and satellites in space can also be protected in the case of incoming, large solar storms
I am very curious of the design of this probe and how it may possibly sustain the Suns smouldering temperatures. It is also great to collect information about to Sun to help us defend ourselves against the solar radiation.
I think it is amazing that the human race, having come so far and having not known much about technology our space. And now we are building and constructing technology that can withstand hundreds of degrees celsius. I think it is such an amazing accomplishment, as we begin to know more about the world outside of our world along with how we can construct better technology to do more efficient better jobs.