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Full Version: DNA tool could correct 89% of genetic defects
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after reading this, I understand the point behind it, and that everyone wants to be born "normal" and "healthy", but I cannot help but think that we were all born with certain characteristics, even if for some those might be defects. These characteristics were given to use for a reason and we should not have to change our DNA because of it, so ethics does play in big role in the production of science. But furthermore, for those who believe that if there is a way to make someone healthy and normal then it should be done. This tool can be used to prevent diseases and also treat them. Researchers say they are not fuller there to changing DNA associated with disease to the right cell type, but is said to be in the near future. 
This new tool offers a new option for people with diseases and gives them a second chance. In my belief I do not think we should be changing our own DNA, but there are a whole different type of scenarios that go along with it. What does everyone else thing when regarding this to ethics?
most individuals strive to fit in and be Considered as “normal” In our society which I understand as bullying is a horrible thing and defects can really affect someone’s life. Although it may be a smart idea to remove these imperfections associated with disease the process must be very precise and if done wrong can cause Different problems. I believe that it should only be done if it is a very serious defect that will negatively affect there quality of life and make it challenging for them to do daily task.
I agree with you that we should not be changing our DNA because it gives each one of different characteristics. If it really necessary for the defect or disease someone has then ok I get why someone would make the decision of changing their DNA but I don't that would be a good method nor is it the only method we can find to fix problems like this.
I do not like the idea of this in its entirety. What if this leads to a society where humans are forced to change the defects in their DNA or what if employers start employing people based on how perfect their DNA is in order to withstand the hazards of the workplace. That would be a scary world to live in.
On one side of the argument, people believe that altering DNA is unethical and should be banned. However, the benefits of this technology should not be understated. Selecting for desire-able DNA traits would process our society and development and allow everyone to become superior versions of themselves. As stated in the post, choosing DNA to prevent disease would save thousands or even millions of lives every year.