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Full Version: The Battle to Break Plastic's Bonds
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This article talks about developing a chemical technique which breaks down the bonds that make polyethylene- a common plastic. The technique from this article could be very useful as continuous use of plastics like polyethylene are harming our ecosystems. The process would break the polyethylene down into a liquid oil substance, which could potentially be used as a resource for cars and other things. The question this article asks is how can plastic waste be made into something useful and more valuable. Plastics take very long to degrade, meaning that if this process were to work, it could be very useful in helping the environment. Eventually, we can hopefully make good of all this plastic waste.
I think that this chemical technique is a great idea and it can contribute a great deal to reduce climate change. Plastics are the main major type of waste that is found in our ecosystem. If this method is actually active in the future, it may make great changes to our ecosystem.
Hopefully, this method works out. Plastics have done more than enough damage to the natural environment and I think solutions should be in process.
Imagine if it were possible for everyone in the world except doctors and highly influential occupations to just stop. everything stops. People get together build houses build greenhouses feed the need just fix the world and then go back to life's with everyone changed.
That’s a good idea cause it would help the ecosystem, Reduce climate change in Our environment and help maintain a suitable place for aquatic animals,  To live and survive. 
 if you think about the negative impact, to break down those plastic also requires more chemicals, power, gas, and fuel, which I think will only add more damage to the environment. Because  to break down these  plastics, so much resources will be needed.
Another negative impact, is in economic aspect, making these new plastic will make it more expensive to afford, for the people in 3rd war countries who really need these plastic purified water, due to the fact that water there isn’t safe for drinking. Producing these bottles make it expensive for them
To afford. Do you agree or  disagree?
I think all together we should scrap the use of plastic as, in the past they had never needed it before. Anyways, we could still greatly decline our plastic uses as we do not need to have all of the products we buy in stores covered in indisposable plastic waste. But I do agree that in an economic aspect there would be countries that could not afford these changes.
It would be amazing to see this technology developed further and eventually be functional to solve our garbage crisis. Million of tonnes of plastic accumulates in our world's oceans every year, harming the aquatic life. Removing the plastic from our oceans will save the oceans ecosystem and restore it to its formal glory.
This is a win-win, being able to replace the plastic in the environment while turning it into fuel, The only problem I could see from this is how much space is needed to change plastic into fuel and whats the byproducts and whats the side effects to the environment.