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Full Version: Google Claims 'quantum supremacy' for computers
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The article I will be discussing talks about google's brand new quantum computer. There new quantum computer can perform up to 200 tasks in 200 seconds. Doing simple math that's one task a second! There quantum computer is so ahead of the world's most powerful supercomputer that it would 10,000 years to complete the same task. This quantum computer is able to do such a task because of its quantum properties. Regular computers use a system called binary which use "bits" to say whether something is either a one or a zero. But because of the way things work on a quantum level atoms can exist in two places at once which is impossible for us humans to replicate on our own. These quantum bits are called "qubit". This means that a qubit can be a one and a zero simultaneously. We can't get too excited yet with where we are with quantum computers. We are still in very early development in such technology and they still aren't powerful enough to solve problems we are interested in. Google's quantum computer only has 54 qubits which still are very powerful but still not enough. But the develops made are very important to our understanding on how to control and shows low error rates. Another company working on quantum computers and are challenging some of Google's statements are IBM who to my knowledge have been working with quantum mechanics and computers for a while.         

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The ability of quantum computers to solve problems so incredible fast is mind boggling. The application of quantum computers is near endless and if the development process remains steady, there will be a technological explosion unlike anything else.