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Full Version: alarming loss of insects and spiders
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there has been a huge decline in insect populations all around the world. Some insects are even being pushed down a path of extinction. insects actually play a huge role in many environments around the world and without many insects the world would be much different. Like for instance, there was a huge phenomenome regard the population of the bees, as bees are very important to our environment as the pollinate our flowers. We are now understanding that the reason for insect population declining has to do with farmers and pesticides. Biodiversity around the world in multiple environments and ecosystems is decreasing. When an environment has low biodiversity it is said to be not as healthy as an environment that has more biodiversity. Some insects have a higher population such as cockroaches and houseflies. Climate change also has an impact on insects and spiders populations slowly disappearing and decreasing around the world. I think we can all agree that climate change has a negative impact on almost ever aspect of the environment. We are in too deep and are making real changes to our world and species living in it. Insects are they prey for many animals, as without insects to eat they would die. Plants also rely on insects for reproduction purposes like pollination with bees. Birds, bats, reptiles all rely on insects to survive and feed off of. Does anyone else agree that this is proof regarding that climate change has once again gone too far?
I am in fully agreement with your statement. Climate change has wreck havoc on our environment and this is just another example in a long list of reasons how climate change has negatively impacted us. With the declining populations of insects, there is a trickle down affect across the entire food chain that unfortunately will affect humans as well. Hopefully we are able to take action before its too late.