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Full Version: Spiders inspire double-sided sticky tape to heal wonds
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Scientists at MIT noticed how spiders sticky material used to make webs absorb water, helping them to catch prey.
They took they idea of the absorption of water and developed double-sided sticky tape.
The tape was tested on pig skin and lungs and found to work within seconds of application.
The team said with more work, the tape could replace sutures. 
It could potentially be used to attach medial devices to organs such as the heart without causing damage of secondary complications from puncturing tissue. But the primary use would be to hold a wound or cut together. 
I believe this technology is incredible and would save many lives.

Any opinions or comments?
This is an amazing discovery, I do agree that now with this technology we will be able to save more peoples lives. Regarding this subject, as years pass we will have come out with more technology that can do way more than this! I believe that in the future, doctors will look back and think we were crazy as they would have much better technology, just because we keep growing our knowledge and technology each day, very fast.