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Full Version: Boeing aims for Moon landing in 'fewer steps'
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Boeing says it can land astronauts on the Moon with only five "mission critical events" - such as launch, orbit insertion and others - instead of the 11 or more required by alternative strategies.

Nasa previously said its preferred option was a lunar lander split into three stages, but it left the door open to "alternative, innovative approaches".

Boeing's proposal uses just two stages - a descent element that gets astronauts down to the surface, and an ascent element to get the crew off the surface and back into lunar orbit at the end of a mission. They are designed to be launched as one unit.

The company says its lander can carry itself from lunar orbit to the surface without an additional transfer element, or "tug", as previously specified by Nasa.

This is will be very advantageous in travelling missions to the moon as it has fewer launches needed for a mission therefore reducing the complexity involved in sending several different bits of hardware into space on multiple launches. It seems to be a more effective method and hopefully it is. I do wonder though, what possibilities could be brought into existence as soon as humans are able to overcome the difficulties that are tied with getting people into space? Is thinking of sometimes taking holidays or vacations on the moon a far stretch?
To your point, vacation to the moon will soon become reality as advancements such as Boeings will help get us closer and closer to easily and safety launching shuttles to the moon and back. Maybe one day, it will be possible for the everyday citizen to book a flight around the moon instead of the extremely wealthy. In addition, this technology can allow us to set up a moon base more effectively that can be like a stepping stone to Mars.
This is truly amazing, however with the technology couldn't we focus on trying to habilitate humans on earth so we can focus on further research into the moon and its core. and help reduce the risk of the landing.
This is actually amazing to think about. As human capability could easily reach such expectations, we truly will make it to the moon again and ,
I believe in 30 years or less, there will be even easier better ways to get to the moon, and even mars I could wish to say. Human advancement in technology and knowledges continues to grow each day, faster and faster.
Now this is quite amazing but the demand to colonize the moon and other planets came from the fear that earth won't be able to hold humanity anymore, now I understand that it needed to happen eventually but with global warming is a sign ether to hurry up and colonize planets or that we need to stop being wasteful and become more effective to get there and take it more seriously both global warming and colonize planets.