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Full Version: Plastic Waste: Runners face littering disqualification
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In attempt to help the world's plastic dilemma, a northern Wales marathon warned participants that if they were to drop litter during the race they were to be disqualified. Organizers of the race explained that these measures were introduced as plastic is an "increasing problem". The runners would be taken off the results if seen littering. 

In April 2019, the London marathon took several measures as well in attempt to reduce littering. These included using compostable cups rather than plastic bottles, or using bottles made from recycled plastic. 

These attempts to reduce plastic waste are exactly what the world needs. This inspires the runners to recycle and rethink their choice of littering. This is such a great idea as it can allow for less waste and damage to the environment, and for the runners to change their lifestyles in using plastic, water bottles especially. The marathon also offers runners an edible seaweed water sachet that involves zero plastic, which is advantageous to both the runners and the environment.
i think little attempts and movements, such as using compostable cups will in fact help our environment for the future. Although we have already made huge problems and impacts regarding our environment, little changes such as these are slowly redeeming us as we will hopefully get closer to sustaining for our environment. This change does not only have to occur for runners, as the whole world as one should stick together to help the environment as we all as one need to take care of our environment. but as one person makes a choice to be more environmentally friendly, every person helps in getting closer to a safer environment. would you agree?
This is really good , its little steps like this that lead to bigger change , If only we could motivate all humans.
It is nice to see attempts like this being made to actually bring about change in the world.
Although it is nice to see the marathon organizers take initiative on reducing littering, i do feel it is quite extreme to completely disquilify someone for such an action. I also question the magnitude of the problem from prior marathons.
Wow is good to see that we are taking steps to stop this problem of plastic waste if everyone does this we will be able to help sustain the earth.