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Full Version: Russia's Taymyr plan: Arctic coal for India risks pollution
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Natural riches come in two conflicting types in Russia's Arctic north: valuable minerals and spectacular wildlife.

But sadly for many threatened species, the decline in Arctic sea ice has created a new economic opportunity for Russia in their remote habitat.

In a decree last year President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian firms to boost cargo traffic on the Northern Sea Route to an annual 80m tonnes by 2024.

The Arctic really is an ecologically sensitive environment and the projects being put in place by the Russian government can be concluded to be an unintelligent plan when the health of the planet is taken into consideration. This is another example that proves that most governments only care about economical benefits without sparing any thoughts to the effects on the environment. As of now, there is already pollution in the cities involved in ore smelting. By mining in Tamyr, the environment will no doubt suffer.
It is sad that for the promise of these natural resources we will probs damage the earth once more..
Wow the government economical minds over powering thier environmental . They aren’t even thinking about the health of thier people and the land.