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Full Version: amazon fires intensifies andes glacier melt
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to start, i feel as if there will always be a crisis on earth, no matter what we try to do to stop it, the human population is too big that we have an effect on everything. scientists are worried that the fires from the amazon are going to melt the glaciers, that this then will lead to a water crisis in south america. there is already evidence found of ice being darkened and melting. People on other sides of the continent aren't even worried about it as if it isn't affecting them, but in the near future it could very well be affecting the whole continent. it is very sad to see parts of the world under great distress from environmental phenomenons and impacts and the rest of the world doesn't do anything about it or try to help people or animals who have been hurt in phenomenes or lost shelter. I feel that this should be an eye opener to show how it really does affect us all and we all took part in the making of it. this is our earth and we should be taking care of it no matter what part of it we live. Does anyone else agree?
I agree with you. Our world cannot sustain the current population's affect on the Earth. There is simply too much destruction and pollution to our world and it will eventually catch up to us. We can only pray that environmental scientists will be able to come up with a solution.