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Full Version: Greenland Ice Melt is Accelerating
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The greenland is losing ice seven times faster than it was in the 1990s. Polar scientists have been reviewing satellite observations over a 26 year period. They say that the Greenlands sea level could rise by 7cm by the end of the century. This puts millions of people at risk of flooding. A group has reanalysed the data from 11 satellite missions flown from 1992 to 2018. These spacecraft have taken repeat measurements of the ice sheet's changing thickness, flow and gravity. The Imbie team has combined their observations with the latest weather and climate models. This is a part of the globe that has seen a 0.75C temperature rise in just the past decade. The Imbie assessment shows the island to have lost 3.8 trillion tonnes of ice to the ocean since the start of the study period. This mass is the equivalent of 10.6mm of sea-level rise. What is more, the team finds an acceleration in the data.

It is scary to see how soo much of the ice in the world has melted, and heated which can cause a great increase in sea levels. Any ideas on how the melting of ice can be reduced? What do you think the effects of soo much melting ice will be on the world?
This is scary but not surprising to hear. The ice is melting, and this is a bad thing for our environment. WIthout ice and snow in the arctic and the poles, many of the animals that rely on the cold will die off and will cause mass extinction. Maybe if we find ideas on how to reduce emissions slowly and more usefully then we as a world and human beings can begin by making the world a better place and show respect to all aspects of our earth.
This is really devastating, as global average temperatures continue to rise, countries will be picked off one by one. Greenland is experiencing the effect of this first hand, with their ice melting, causing an abundance of water, and only a matter of time before Greenland sinks. Soon, cities and towns on the edge of countries like Canada and the United States will eventually even sink. We must take action now before water levels continue to rise, causing devastating changes to our land and environment.
The effects of ice melting in glaciers is already being seen around the world. Coastal regions are being flooded more often than they normally would had. If this is not a wakeup call to humans, I wonder what more we really need.
I was shocked to read that 3.8 trillion tonnes of ice have melted. I cant even comprehend how much ice that is. Of course in order to reduce the melting of ice we must cut our GHG emissions. Easier said than done. But i do believe, that given some time and effort, it can be done. It is also crazy to think that this is just one part of Earth and there is ice melting all over the world.