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Full Version: Animal paint found in cave is 44,000 years old
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this is truly amazing to hear and think about, as this discovery could be used to find out more about the past regarding the environment, animals and evolution, etc. We could learn alot from this discovery. This painting, in a cave in indonesia, especially displays buffalo being hunted by part human, part animal creatures holding spears and ropes. Yet this picture is said to be 44,000 years old, there has been older found at about 73,000 years old. Which is extremely old and could tell us a lot about values of people, environments, tradition, etc. This pictures is a whole 5 metres wide, which would actually take up a pretty big amount of wall of the cave. it is questioned whether the art tells a single story or tells story over my years. there was calcite "popcorn" built up on the picture that was analyzed and used to determine the age of the art. I think it is amazing that they are able to find the age of art on the rock by analyse and tests. The technology and brains we have working together to make such things possible is truly amazing.
Yeah it really is, wow go get how old the picture is and am suppressed that the picture isn’t faint ( like they could see what’s on it). Is fascinating how we can get so much information of one thing. And it also amazing how new sites are discovered annually.
It is amazing to see how art has always existed even long time ago. I wonder what the culture and traditions of the people back then were exactly like.
It is astounding to think that someone 44 000 years ago painted that exact picture onto the wall. To think of how far humankind has come over the thousands of years.