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Full Version: COP25: Longest climate talks end with compromise deal
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The article above is talking about how the recent climate talks have ended with little results, it continues by saying the biggest polluters (Chia, USA, India, etc..) are against new steep cuts on CO2 and other emissions, but luckily they agreed to kept their promises on climate change from the years before 2020. This shows that people who are making their money on pollution don't want to give it up, The USA, for example, isn't having any discussion about climate change in any trade deal. However, the EU is doing the opposite, they're putting a border tax on countries that aren't cutting their CO2 emissions, and this is an example that others care more about their planet than making money (which we mad btw and we can't replace the earth). I would also describe the results as a mixed bag, there's some steps in the right direction no matter the size but also stubbornness which could stop us from trying to fix it. personally I like what the EU is doing and would hope the USA would smarten up and help stopping climate change. Whats your opinoin on this? 
I think the subject matter of economic benefits and progression will continue to be what is important for most countries and organisations. This sadly is why we are not moving very much forward in our fight against global warming.
I believe that for a real change to occur, the massive greenhouse gas producers need to step up because they are causing global climate change. Countries such as China have the worst air quality and it will cost them and the rest of the world in the long run. There are some parts of the world where there is very little air pollution and other countries do need to make a change.