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Full Version: Rwanda climate change: Kigali homes built near wetlands are destroyed
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Authorities in Rwanda have begun demolishing homes in the capital Kigali which they say are threatened by "climate dangers".
Officials say the destruction of hundreds of houses built on or near wetlands is necessary to protect people from flooding and landslides after unusually heavy rains.
But residents complain that they have received no compensation so far.
The UN says the weather in Rwanda is becoming "more and more unpredictable".
The country, which relies heavily on agriculture and hydropower, is said to be highly vulnerable to climate change.

Authorities said demolishing the houses was "about saving the lives of those living in wetlands given that more rain is expected in the coming days".
About 45 people have been killed by landslides, lightning and other disasters caused by heavy rain in the past three months, according to the emergency ministry.
It is really sad to see the effects of global warming. Many lives are being threatened by the disasters such as this and it is clear that this may only get worse. Hopefully there are plans being put in place by the governments of countries in Africa to combat flooding especially of coastal regions.
I do not believe in this. The demolishing of the homes that were already built is using even more fossil fuels and emissions, they should have thought about the destruction to the environment before building the homes, as they demolish the home, it just continues to destroy the environment even more. As well there are many other things that should be gone after rather than peoples homes, not that I agree with people building their homes on wetlands. How about the big factories creating billions of emissions each day. I feel like as a race we are going after the wrong things to make our wrongs right. We should be taking real responsibility and begin by demolishing wastes and emissions anyway we can.
These homes should have never been demolished in the first place. If it were not for global warming, these homes and these people would have been ok, but now they have to move because they are at risk. This problem isn't just for Rwanda. Over the next couple of decades, more and more people are going to have to move inland because of the rising sea level.