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Full Version: Boeing prepares to launch astronaut capsule for Nasa
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This is amazing to hear, as our technology and knowledge continues to grow. A test capsule is going to be launched to in the international space station. With this launch we will be able to learn a lot more about how to launch shuttles and capsules into space safely with astronauts. As we continue to make choices about our future and space we will continue to learn about effects of space and how to be safer and make better technology with regards to space. This mission should last a week. Shuttles have not been launched from american soil since 2011 and just now we are beginning to make our mark again and launch on american soil back into space. After we will no longer need to hitch rides from russia and pay for tickets into space. since last launches of shuttles on american soil, many casualties had resulted therefore we can now learn more on how to demolish any chances of incidents in order to be safer onto getting to space.   Idea Heart Big Grin
This seems to be an interesting idea. I wonder how many of these test capsules have ever been launched from Canada.
I wonder if this could lead to launching probes or lifeforms to other galaxies...