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Full Version: World's oldest fossil trees uncovered in New York
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he earliest fossilised trees, dating back 386 million years, have been found at an abandoned quarry in New York.

Scientists believe the forest they belonged to was so vast it originally stretched beyond Pennsylvania.

This discovery in Cairo, New York, is thought to be two or three million years older than what was previously the world's oldest forest at Gilboa, also in New York State.

The findings throw new light on the evolution of trees.

What did they find?
It was more than 10 years ago that experts from Cardiff University, UK, Binghamton University in the US and the New York State Museum began looking at the site in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in the Hudson Valley.

Since then, they have mapped over 3,000 square metres of the forest and concluded the forest was home to at least two types of trees: Cladoxylopsids and Archaeopteris.

A third type of tree has yet to be identified.

Palaeobotanist Dr Chris Berry from Cardiff University is a co-author of the study in the journal Current Biology.

It really amazing that they were able to find the time capsule of the earth history, with this we can tell many thing I wonder if there are other fossils nearby.
I would never have really imagined the oldest fossil trees to be in new york. It is interesting to see how far back tracing fossils can be traced