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Full Version: australia wildfires
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I would really appreciate if you guys shared ur thought on what is currently happening in australia. If for some reason you aren’t informed I will leave a video and then i’ll shorty give a brief explanation about it.

australia is on fire. it’s burning more and more as days go by and yes they’ve had lots of help with it but why would we let that happen in the first place? we knew climate change was a huge problem and deep down I know that we could’ve at least done something to prevent it from spreading so much and becoming such a huge problem. australia in fact still has about 2-3 months left of summer which means fire for another 2-3 months if this situation doesn’t get the help needed. the air conditioning is getting worse and spreading along south america as well and animals are dying because of intoxication with the air conditioning happening. people are dying, plants and nature is dying and people talking about it make it seem like it’s the end and there is nothing left to do. what do you guys think? animals have been estimated to be dead because of the bushfires over 23 people have died and thousands of homes have burned down with probably people inside and no one has even found them yet. the smoke has covered some parts of new zealand that have then resulted in having their glaciers warm and melt faster which is causing animals there to be out of their natural environment and comfort zone. I can now say we have in fact failed once again from preventing to help and making the connections between the climate crisis and increased weather events that have caused natural disasters like what is happening in australia right now, all this with no result in political action or help needed. instead we try to make things worse by having others people killed in foreign countries just to “prevent” a war from happening that is now most likely to occur because of what happened. we have to change our mindset and we have to change it now. prayers go out to those in australia that are suffering and I wish them all the help needed. if you have any thoughts or comments about this please share Smile
this is very sad to hear about, i definitely agree with you regarding the fact that we all knew there was consequences for our actions and still didn't care, and now australia is receiving all of the effects. this fire while affecting not only the environment but also animals and plants within the environment, lots of animal species native to australia could be wiped out along with many other terrible side effects. people living in australia also need help regarding safety factors. and i agree with your input regarding the political disputes going on around the world, which is taking up more news than australia burning along with native animals and plants. it is very sad
It is quite devastating that massive disasters like this occur throughout of world. Of course, there are situations were there is nothing we can do to prevent natural disasters from occurring. However, carbon emissions into the environment has caused warmer parts of the world to become even warmer and dry, leading to an increased likely hood of fires.
Many animals have been lost in the fire and this is really devastating to hear about. It is really scary as some species of animals may likely become endangered if they are not able to recover from the effects of the fire. Praying for AustraliaSad
Is really sad about the wild fire in Australia. People lost thier homes and valuable personal belongings. Different species of animals are dead their could lead to the extinction of some animals. Right now am not sure if this is a cause of climate change or a natural disaster?