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Full Version: Climate change: Fertiliser could be used to power ocean-going ships
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Ocean-going ships could be powered by ammonia within the decade as the shipping industry takes action to curb carbon emissions.
The chemical - the key ingredient of fertilisers - can be burned in ships’ engines in place of polluting diesel. The industry hopes ammonia will help it tackle climate change, because it burns without CO2 emissions. The creation of the ammonia itself creates substantial CO2, but a report says technology can solve this problem.

The challenge is huge, because shipping produces around 2% of global carbon emissions – about the same as the whole German economy. Making ammonia is also a major source of carbon. A report by the Royal Society says ammonia production currently creates 1.8% of global CO2 emissions – the most of any chemical industry. But the authors of the report say new technology can create zero carbon ammonia. One way is by trapping the CO2 emissions created when ammonia is produced, and burying the CO2 in underground rocks. Another way of making so-called "green" ammonia is to use renewable energy which doesn't create any CO2. Burning ammonia may not cause CO2 emissions, but it does create nitrogen oxides, which are also greenhouse gases.

The big question is whether enough clean energy will be available to create ammonia at scale in the coming decades.
Environmentalists have consistently complained the industry is not playing its part in reducing emissions. In the short term they want to reduce the amount of shipping overall, and impose slower cruising speeds to save fuel.
I believe that this is a good effort in trying to decrease the CO2 emissions in the environment, but I am not too sure how well this will end up working or how long this will last. Do you think this will be beneficial and work?