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Full Version: Plastic Pollution
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Activist Laura Sanderson swam 16 miles in rivers and collected water samples to discover the extent of plastic pollution in some of the UK's remotest areas. The environmentalist discovered that micro-plastics are now in the UK's water source. Results showed an average of three pieces of microplastic per litre from the lake Llyn Glaslyn, a remote lake near the summit of Snowdon. The levels rose to eight per litre at the river's estuary at Porthmadog, Gwynedd. The discovery of microplastic pollution near the top of the highest mountain in Wales is a "scary wake-up call", said Laura.

Scientists believe the microplastics, anything less than 5mm in size, and nanoplastics that are only visible under a microscope, are present in the air and rainfall. It is also believe that this was most likely cause of microplastic pollution in Snowdon, although particles released from litter breaking down could also be a factor. 

Plastic pollution adversely affects the environment, wildlife and, us. It is scary to think that microplastic and nanoplastic has the possibility to be in rainfalls and the air we breath. I think we should be more mindful of the amount of plastic we use and consider the use of plastic alternatives. What ways do you think we could diminish the use of plastic so we could have an environment that is free from harmful effects of plastic pollution?