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Full Version: New Rare Pearl Mussel Species!
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During a routine watercourse survey a new rare species of freshwater pearl mussels was uncovered in north Highland, Britain. The location of where the species was found is being kept a secret in order to prevent poaching. 

In an attempt to support the larval stages of their life cycle, the movement of Atlantic salmon and brown/sea trout is essential. They live on the gill filaments and grow until they detach themselves in the spring, this is an example of a symbiotic relationship. After their early life stages on the gill's of the trout, they need to find a home in clean sand or gravel in order to grow.

Poaching and loss of habitat and pollution are among the reasons for dramatic population decrease. They're trying to restore the natural river bed to allow for a more natural flow of water and let fish pass freely throughout the bodies of water. 

By riding with the fish, an application of the Founder's Effect takes place. This is essentially when a new colony is started by original members of a species. They strive to colonize new watercourses to replenish existing populations.

I find this topic interesting because it got me thinking about the endless possibilities of species that may still be uncovered. Think about all the fierce and dangerous potential animals that may be lurking in the deep ocean, or even some unknown and mysterious tree species. The possibilities are extraordinary. However, we may be indirectly effecting these unrevealed species with commodities such as pollution and climate change. Imagine our world if we knew for sure all the different types of species of plants and animals.
It is quite interesting to think what's still to be discovered on our planet. So crazy to think that there are still species that have never been seen by a human in history. Just like when large tsunamis wash up fish from deep deep sea, we find so many different animals that are almost alien like to us, as if they are from another planet because we are so unfamiliar with them. Just goes to show there is so much that has yet to be found on this amazing planet we call home.