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Artificial Neurons Developed to Fight Disease - Natisha Ram - 12-04-2019

They’re tiny chips that can be used to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s. Neurons carry signals to and from the brain and the rest of the body. Scientists want to replace them with these artificial ones because the real ones can degenerate or die. This has been a long-term goal and they have finally been able to accomplish it. They have also found out that there are two types of neurones, cells from your brain that play a role in memory and the other involved in the control of breathing. This has allowed for an increase in the possibilities of repairing neurons and also helping cure many diseases. 

What are your thoughts and opinions on this concept? Do you think it will actually help humans with diseases? What other things do you think neurons can help with?

RE: Artificial Neurons Developed to Fight Disease - LydiaKlok - 12-04-2019

this is fantastic. If we are able to find cures to diseases such as Alzheimer's than we can be able to cure much more. The time to find cures takes a very very long time, but i believe the human race, with time, is smart enough to find a cure to anything. It is amazing that they are able to replace neurons with artificial ones as well as repairing neurons, as I know everything that has to do with your brain is very fragile.

RE: Artificial Neurons Developed to Fight Disease - Alessandra Figliuzzi - 12-06-2019

The fact that humans can use technology to potentially treat diseases such as Alzheimer's is really amazing. This is a huge step into the future and could really benefit humans. Modern medicine paired with the use of technology creates fascinating things together, and they are only just getting started. This is a very inspiring and cool article.

RE: Artificial Neurons Developed to Fight Disease - Racheal Edoamen - 12-11-2019

This is really awesome. I wonder how far this could go in treating mental disorders and helping people who suffer from them.

RE: Artificial Neurons Developed to Fight Disease - Radu Almasanu - 12-16-2019

I also agree that it's incredible and fantastic. However, I have two series of questions that kind of concern me. One, how does it fell to be using one of these replacements with real neurons? Will there be and side effect with putting a small circuit board in our brains with materials like silicon? Also, how does it feel when remembering something with them (will there be any difference with real neurons)? Two, who will get access to these? If too many people replace neurons well, start to become less human and more cyborgs, and what about the population of humanity? Will this decrease the death rate? Creating another factor of overpopulation leading to more bad things to happen, like we need more energy and burn more fossil fuel, etc..

RE: Artificial Neurons Developed to Fight Disease - Chidera Ndukwe - 12-16-2019

Wow this is amazing, finding a way to cure this disease. Wow the technological advances have been improving every month, and with this we can find more cures or was to stop deathly disease or sickness
Like cancer, autism or cerebral palsy. With this new advances such sickness can be prevented stoped or even minimized.

RE: Artificial Neurons Developed to Fight Disease - Justin Robertson - 12-18-2019

These neurons are absolutely incredible and the evolving technology is exciting to think about. I wonder how long until these chips are commercial available and will it actually be fully functionally.