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Endangered Foetuses Tigers Found! - Natisha Ram - 12-09-2019

Five people in Indonesia have been arrested after being caught for poaching Sumatran tigers. These tigers are endangers with about 400 left in the world and 4 of them were found in jars. They found the skins of the tigers and the people have been arrested and most likely will be put in jail. 

The thought of humans even harming animals in anyway makes me feel disgusted as to how someone can be so heartless to even think of doing something like that. These tigers are endangered and yet these people are trying to make the situation worse. We should be trying to take care and save as many as we have left and hope to somehow increase their population. 

What are your thought on this topic?

RE: Endangered Foetuses Tigers Found! - Racheal Edoamen - 12-13-2019

When will people learn that poaching can lead to the extinction of animals? It is almost like efforts are being made to thwart that of people actually trying to save the environment and this is very sad.

RE: Endangered Foetuses Tigers Found! - LydiaKlok - 12-13-2019

We continue to find more and more endangered animals, and we wonder why all these animals are disappearing and populations are shrinking as the population of human beings in the world continues to grow faster and faster. As we slowly wipe out all animals and the earth itself. As the first sentence from your post has to do with humans killing, as do the very act. Humans are killing just by living and reproducing and producing wastes and burning fuels. And even worse doing the very act. The earth needs diversity, and we are lowering diversity more and more and more. As the very example is this article.

RE: Endangered Foetuses Tigers Found! - Idris_A - 12-14-2019

Is sad that people are willing to go to such disgraceful extremes just to make easy money, thankfully the fetuses were recovered.

RE: Endangered Foetuses Tigers Found! - Justin Robertson - 12-18-2019

It is definitely sad to hear news of poachers despite all the efforts to try to protect them. Of course people are going to act in their own self interest and do not care about the organisms they are harming. Hopefully the rest of us are able to protect the endangered animals and allow them to regrow their population.