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EU Climate Neutral By 2050

The European Union has set a plan that will make them climate neutral by 2050. What this means is that for everything you take out (or put in), basically anything that causes a negative effect on the environment has to be compensated with an action that counteracts the damages made. The example from the article is the increase of the Earth's temperature from vehicle and power plant emissions must be counteracted by planting new forests to remove the greenhouse gases in the air. The EU has decided to take on this goal as scientists have said that in order to keep Earth's temperatures under 1.5C, a net-zero emissions rate is crucial.   

The EU has a head start as they haave decreased their emissions from 1990 by 20%, which they plan to double by 2030 and eventually cimate neutral. They plan to expand their current energy providing technologies (solar and wind energy) as well as increase the insulation in household's decreasing the energy consumption of houses and structures. The EU has also found that the goal will be expensive but it will actually boost the economy for 2%. 

In my opinion, I think the EU taking the big leap is providing hope for the planet and is very inspiring. I hope that the EU will reach its goal and if other countries that have not already taken measures towards cutting their own emissions will see that the EU has done and be inspired to do the same. This article is one of many articles and methods of awareness that are out there in today's world that are all working towards the same goal, saving the planet. This article just adds to the awareness and actions that are needed to maintain our home.
I love how the European Union is tackling this as it will make the earth more Eco-friendly for every living thing that lives on earth. I also agree that it is inspiring as we will probably see more people or company's also work towards reducing the emissions that are polluting the air. Not only is it benefiting the earth, animals and people but ,as it says in the article, it is also benefiting the economy with a 2% boost. I'm very proud that scientist and people are aware of what is going into the earth's air and are taking action to reduce the gas emissions going into the air as if nobody did tackle it, it would only get worse and would be too late to even get rid of the amount of emissions that would be polluting the earth's air.

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