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Sea-Cooled Eco Resort that is almost Mosquito Free

On a coral island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean near Tahiti is a luxurious eco resort called the Brando because it was formally owned by Marlon Brando.  The two room bungalows rent for 3700 Euros which is approximately $5500 CDN per night.  The island is almost carbon neutral and self sustainable. Electricity comes from solar panels and coconut oil biofuel and irrigation uses waste water. The cooling system uses very cold water from the ocean and is powered by water pressure so it doesn't use much energy. The best thing about the island is that it is virtually mosquito free.  They have a sterilization program that breeds and releases non-biting male mosquitos that are infected with a Wolbachia virus that makes biting females sterile. This program could also be useful for countries that have mosquitos that spread Zika virus or malaria.  Another pest that is getting wiped out by technology in that area is the rat.  They plan to use drones to drop poison for the rats that isn't  harmful to other species.  Wouldn't it be great to go on vacation to a place that had no mosquitos?
although i think this resort would be highly enjoyable and luxurious, i feel as though this is a prime example of how people are taking advantage of the new technologies we have created. i think this resort is a positive in the fact that it is very eco friendly and efficient however it is very expensive. along with the price, it is also showing how new technologies can be used for unnecessary benefits. in my opinion, scientifically interferring with the wildlife that naturally inhabits the area is not necessary.

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