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Female scientist's IVF contribution was 'unrecognised'

Sir Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe are known as the pioneers of in vitro fertilisation, which led to the world's first test tube baby, born in 1978. Sir Robert was the only one who was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology or Medicine in 2010 and was knighted in 2011. Supporting his research and work was Ms. Purdy who worked closely with him and was involved in many of his trials. Thanks to their collaboration, over six million babies have since been born using their procedures. It is unfair to Ms. Purdy who worked just as hard as Sir Edwards but she was not credited at all. It defeats the purpose of a group effort project if only one person is recognized for the work of other members. I believe that the work of others should be credited appropriately where it is due.
As sad as it is to hear about the lack of recognition for the work of female scientists, it is not uncommon.  This story reminds me of Rosalind Franklin and the discovery of the double helix shape of DNA. Scientists Watson and Crick are credited with the discovery of the shape, however it is barely mentioned that without Franklin's X-ray imagery, they would not have been able to discover it. Although stories like this are common for science discoveries in the  past, I do believe it is getting better. For example Katie Bouman is credited with being the woman behind the first picture of a black hole. Hopefully female scientists will continue to be recognized for their work and the discoveries they make.
Although it this is likely more common than we think, its still very sad to see. I don't know her circumstances but i would hope that more people in her situation would speak up for themselves seeing as bringing awareness to this type of neglect can really change people perspectives. I hope that now she is given credit for her contribution but also that she can be a voice for those who are in her position and to be an example of someone who worked for what they got and fight for the just deserts.

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