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A call to arms to fight the 'war on plastic'

Every minute of every day, a truckload of plastic enters our oceans. It destroys because it endures, breaking down into smaller pieces and particles.

And pretty much every size of particle is a problem - from the plastic bags that are filling up the stomachs of whales and turtles, to the smaller shreds that end up killing young seabirds, stuffed into them by their own desperate parents; to the micro plastics that become carriers for lethal pathogens, and the nano-particles that we're all ingesting and inhaling.\
And of course the problems are not just at sea.
Every SECOND of every day, a truck load of plastics is being dumped in a developing country that simply doesn't have the capacity to deal with it.

This is becoming a serious issue as developed as tension between developing and developed countries, this could lead to oppression, wars, loss of trade etc. So now more than ever we have a solid reason to choose more environmentally friendly alternatives. It is once again up to us the youths to rise up to fix this problem for us and future generations.

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