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Rain or Shine: Watching the Weather for 250 years

For 250 years, the manual weather instruments on the lawn next to the Radcliffe Observatory in Green Templeton College in Oxford, UK have been read and the results recorded. Every day at 9 am, doctoral student Emma Howard checks the weather and if she can't do it, someone else must fill in. Consistently Nov. 14, 1813, the temperature was recorded in this exact spot making the data one of the longest running records in the world.  Howard states that it's great to be involved in such a project however she is terrified to mess something up to interfere with the data collection. The Radcliffe Meterological station is a protected site and the data is available for common use. The Radcliffe Site is important because it recorded temperature for a single place for all these years and provided valuable information regarding temperature, rainfall, pressure and sunshine. This long record can show exactly what the impact of climate change have been over time.

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