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Silver Lining Amidst a Pandemic

Because of the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic, countries across Europe curbed public life in order to halt the spread of the contagious disease. This involves international lock downs among various countries in Europe ordering millions of its residents to stay at home. Schools, universities, and non-essential businesses are closed. With that said, people spends more time inside their home and the use of vehicles are significantly reduced. Maps shown in the link above shows data of comparisons made for concentrations in the air from 14 to 25 of March with the monthly average of concentrations for March 2019. The map and its data tracks changes in nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant that comes principally from the use of fossil fuels. The new data confirms an improvement in air quality over Europe which is a byproduct of the consequences made by the COVID-19 outbreak. The environment is getting the chance to recover. In the middle of this pandemic, pollution are greatly diminishing and that is something optimistic that we should look at.

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