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Rocket Man
I agree that, throughout the history of mankind, we have greatly contributed to the deteriorating state of our planet. However, this has also led to new inventions and innovations, like the industrial revolution in the 1700-1800's. Yes, it heavily contributed to the increase in pollution in the air but it also paved the way for our modern technology. Since then we have made great strides in our technology to lessen the negative impact that we have on our environment. Colonizing and Terraforming Mars does not sound like a bad idea. It can serve as a huge step in the history of the human race. By inhabiting Mars it proves that we have made great strides in our technology and it also contributes greatly to the advancement of science. By stepping foot on a new planet we can confirm whether or not it is possible for lives to exist on other planets. I believe that, if successful, it can be a new start for the human race where we can advance in a new planet preventing the same mistakes that we did/doing right now on Earth.

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