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The destruction of coral reefs
It is very disappointing that one of the worlds greatest ecosystems, The Great Barrier Reef, is being destroyed by CO2 within the atmosphere; something that can be directly traced back to humans and our poorly controlled emissions of greenhouse gases. Coral Reefs are one of the worlds most complex ecosystems, giving shelter and food amoung other things to many forms of life. However, the recent pH change which increases the overall acidity within the ocean, has been threatening their existence. Without coral reefs, many species of underwater life will face the repercussions of our reckless use of excess green house gases. In my opinion, this issue should not be taken lightly. The evident bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef has been displayed and has been increasingly getting worse over the past couple years, which needs to be stopped. One of the worlds greatest harbourers of life is being destroyed because humans have little to no consideration for the ecosystems that do not directly affect them. However, as awareness is being raised, there should be a larger emphasis placed upon this issue, because without coral reefs, the working dynamic of underwater life will change forever and may reach the point of it being irreversible.

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