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Early Earthquake Warnings

"The physics of earthquakes is one of the reasons why a single, universal warning system hasn't been rolled out across all quake prone countries."

In this article, it talks about technology that is used to observe and give out warnings for earthquakes, but more specifically, minor earthquakes. There is all types of technology that can be used to send out warnings for these minor earthquakes or simply when the ground shakes so little that one wouldn't even be able to feel it. This technology is very helpful for preparing for these earthquakes not only mentally, but making sure that people are able to get to shelter in order to be safe and secure if the warnings to end up to be something more than just a minor shake in the ground. Although I think this is a step up to making sure that precautions are taken, most people think that minor warnings are just not enough, or are not the helpful when it comes to the bigger earthquakes. Which is completely understandable. Like the quote above, warnings may take even longer to be sent out because of the different algorithms from different countries. It's unfortunate that it is hard to determine if there is a bigger, more devastating earthquake that we could give warnings for since I know the tragedy of them. There was a big earthquake in Taiwan not too long ago, and my friend who lives there told me about all the things he saw. It was sad to hear. I truly hope less people will suffer from these natural disasters by the improvement of research and technology related to detecting earthquakes.

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