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Space Agencies Aim to Deliver Rocks from Mars

The UK as well as the United States of America intend to bring rock and soil samples back from Mars in order to discover if the planet had previously inhabited life. The ESA and NASA seek to allow scientists to answer large questions about Martian history. This would be the first 'round-trip' to another planet from Earth. As scientists and astronauts spend more time in space or studying samples from space, we may gain a greater knowledge of the environment outside of our atmosphere, and if there is any possibility of another planet in our solar system capable of supporting life. So far, space agencies have been successful in sending multiple rovers to Mars, but a round trip would be monumental. Yet, if we were to bring samples back from Mars, we would have to be certain that it is not hazardous or toxic on Earth. Therefore, ESA or NASA would have to do some experimental tests that would not harm the samples, yet be conclusive enough to ensure no harm would be done to the earth if they would be brought back. Overall, I believe that if we were to somehow obtain samples from Mars, it would not only help expand our knowledge of our solar system, but also push us to make technological advances in order to produce a rover capable of a round trip.

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