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Tourism's Carbon Impact
The fact that doing something great like travelling could be detrimental to the environment. Like you said, most people are not aware that they are doing harm to the environment by going on a trip to escape from their normal lives. When these people are buying plane tickets to go to Hawaii or even to visit their family in a close city, the environment pays. I think that it's sad to think about when you gain something, another loses something. I think our world is trying to become more efficient and resourceful when it comes to issues like this thankfully, and while we have a long way to go, as it says in the article, "We've seen a growing number of hotels, airports and tour operators that have all become carbon neutral so there is a momentum." Even if it's not every hotel and airport out there, the effort from big companies to help calm this carbon problem is good. Something I don't necessarily agree about it raising taxes. It already costs quite a lot to travel via plane, and more people wouldn't have the privilege to travel, as it would only be the wealthy people travelling. If taxes are raised, it wouldn't be a problem for the wealthy if they're already paying loads to travel, and the wealthy is the main cause of this problem, so I don't think there would be much fixed by it.

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