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Could Nasa's James Webb Space Telescope detect alien life?
When I was looking on the BBC website, and I saw this, first I thought it might have been clickbait, so I read it, "The US space agency boasts that it will literally "look back in time to see the very first galaxies that formed in the early Universe" " (To be honest I really doubt it will be able to look back in time, anyway) "As if those claims were not bold enough..." (something bolder than saying that it can look at the beginning of time itself as we see it, I wonder what could it be) "that the eventual successor to the world famous and beloved Hubble Space Telescope may (thanks to its 6.5m golden mirror and exquisitely sensitive cameras) have an another extraordinary talent ... The JWST, as it is called, may be able to look for signs of alien life - detecting whether atmospheres of planets orbiting nearby stars are being modified by that life ... Despite this, the project to build it narrowly survived cancellation by the US Government in 2011 ... an estimated $10bn(billion) rather than it's originally planned $1bn(billion)." That was most information about the Space Telescope, but the article goes more in-depth about how JWST works, which solar system the Space Telescope would be focusing on. Anyways, I believe it might be able to detect life forms on the planet but thinking that it can look back on time itself like seeing the big bang, that was approximately 13.8 billion years ago, I am doubtfully about that but that's me tell me what you think about the article, and what you believe that the Space Telescope ability be? 

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Could Nasa's James Webb Space Telescope detect alien life? - by Radu Almasanu - 09-11-2018, 11:04 AM

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