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Bloodhound Supersonic Car Hits Roadblock
(10-16-2018, 07:24 AM)Blake Cherpin Wrote:

This article is about the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, which is currently trying to finish production in order to beat the fastest land speed time of 763.035 mph. This record was set by Andy Green of the British Royal Air Force, driving the Thrust SSC, on October 15, 1997, in Nevada, USA. The Bloodhound SSC is not only looking to beat the current record, but also reach over 1000mph. The problem that the cars crew is having is financial. They need £25 million in funding to complete the car and beat the record. In earlier years, it would be easier to find companies who want their name on the side of the car, for marketing purposes. But nowadays companies have social media, and do not need physical advertising as much anymore. 

The car is going to be powered by a Rolls-Royce Eurofighter jet engine, strapped to a rocket. The Bloodhound SSC aims to do all its test runs and record attempt in a dried lake bed South Africa. So far, the vehicle has done some testing, reaching 200mph, just to see how the car handles the speed. If the funding is received, the Bloodhound SSC team wants to push the car to 500-600mph in the next test run. After one rain season passes, they want to get the car to 800mph. The next year they would like to do a test run between 800-900mph. After yet another rain season has passed, and the ground is very dry, they will make an attempt at reaching over 1000mph. 

In my opinion, i think the Bloodhound SSC will get its investor(s) in time, before the project is shut down. Even with social media, i believe companies still would like their name on the side of the vehicle that will break the sound barrier. The marketing opportunities are quite plentiful, especially if the design and aesthetic of the car are utilized and promoted by the investing company. The £25 million does not even have to come from a corporation either. A rich family or person may want their name involved with such a bold and groundbreaking project, and to some people, £25 million is not a huge amount of money. 

Overall, I think this project will go on and get the funding it needs. and reach its goal of beating the speed record, and reaching 1000mph.
Though I think the idea of a car that can reach up to 1000 mph is fascinating, I do not believe that this is a worthy thing to spending money on. $25 million is a large sum of money, which could be put towards many different things, such as a cure for cancer, or to fight hunger. In the distant future, when hopefully some of these other problems have been taken care of, I would not be opposed to this amount of money being spent, but right now, $25 million could be spent on many other more worthwhile endeavors.

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