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New diet to solve climate change

This article discusses limiting climate change through the development of a mostly plant based diet for all people, bringing us one step closer to the stop of our worlds increasing temperature. It is explained that if nothing is done about the behavior of humanity in regards to waste and climate change, the impact of our current food system will increase by 90%. If the world population had a flexitarian diet, which is similar to a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian diet in which flexitarians only have one serving of red meat a week, the greenhouse gas emissions produced by agriculture would be reduced by more than half. This solution to lowering the amount of food loss and waste as well as adjusting our food system requires a drastic change in how agriculture is ran. 

Although the flexitarian diet brings us a step closer to ending major issues in our world, it has a lot of setbacks that could result in the failure of this solution. Not only would having the whole world's population convert to a primarily plant based diet be a challenge in itself, the possibility of conflicting with people's religion and morals could be an issue as well as the cost of the changing of agriculture. Decreasing the amount of meat consumption would affect people's livelihoods from the farmers with the livestock, to the butchers and all the way to the grocery stores that sell the meat.  

This solution in theory would be a great method to help the planet survive, but the magnitude of conflicts that would or could arise is another issue on its own that will have to be resolved before any real changes will happen.

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